Friday, April 17, 2009

Organizational Friday

The new buttons introduced by PTI has been awesome. First of all it is a variety pack, so you can play around with different styles of buttons and second it matches with their card stock making it a breeze to use in cards and scrapbook pages.

I was just keeping those buttons in the small zip lock pouch it came in, but was not totally happy with that storage idea. Yesterday as I was grocery shopping in Wally's, found this real neat Spice Rack - stainless steel with Glass Jars - 18 of them and fell in love with it.

I took out all the spices, washed the jars, dried them and viola - a cool new storage for the PTI buttons.

I stuck the corresponding color CS on the lid of the Jar to cover the spice name. Each color button sack needs two jars. So I can for now keep 9 colors in this until I need to buy another one. Here are some pictures,

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