Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cards from the Coffee themed Kit Swap

I was part of this coffee themed card kit swap. I have gotten back such wonderful kits, it was like a overload of coffee :D Not that I am complaining. Anyways, I was very excited to get start on cards using this kit. The very first kit I picked was from tnb aka Barbara who is my very good friend Jen's mother and I think stays in Hawaii...:))

I used up everything she had sent in the kit. I have some scraps of paper and some ribbon pieces left over...that I can easily make another card with.

Thanks Barbara for this great kit and thanks to Jen for hosting this swap. Next week I will show case some other kit :)

Her kit included beautiful stamped and embossed coffee mug images. I liked them so much that I left them as is and did not color them. She had embossed it in some beautiful golden coffee least that is how the color felt for me. The brown paper she had included was beautiful - two side and I was torn as to which side to use, but the dark brown side won finally. I still have some scraps left over from that DP and have some ideas for that. And she has included some beautiful border sentiment that is just way too cute.

This blue paper went very well with the theme and I loved those glitter brads and the heart accents :) This DP also has two sides, but the stripes were nice and bright and I had to go with it. The ribbon was too nice as well. In retrospect, maybe I should have switched the ribbons so that there was some contrast. Oh well :)

But I loved both the cards and had lots of fun.

Coffee themed swap kit from SCS hosted by Jen.


Amy said...

Banu, these are both beautiful! I can't decide which is my fave.

Sara Paschal said...

Wonderful job on these cards, I have completed a tea kit I started off not coloring it (then tried to color it) the darn single card took me over 2 hours to make. ACK;)

Chris said...

these are fabulous!! love the fancy cup!! >"<