Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project Life 2011 - Week 1and 2

Hello and Welcome to Week 1 and 2 of my Project Life. Even though I started my PL album on time this year, I did not post last week as I had not yet gotten my pictures printed. I am printing my pictures every two weeks :)

So here are the pictures of the Cover page and the layouts of the two weeks. I started my first day from Saturday - January 1st.

Cover Page - I have not embellished or done anything with the cover page except to assemble it per the example given in the PL kit.

 Week 1 - Page 1

 Week 1 - Page 2

 Week 2 - Page 1

 Week 2 - Page 2
You can see a journaling block is missing from this page. Still working on that. :) Got the photo just yesterday evening and could not complete it yet.

I am also participating in Ali Edwards One Little Word for 2011 class on Big Picture and will probably include those pages in this album as well. I also plan to add additional pages and journaling (I did the same for 2010), so I might end up buying another spare binder and split this year into two albums.

I want to thank my friend Chris for getting me hooked onto Project Life last year. It was lots of fun and enjoyed it thoroughly. Please see her post here on her tips on doing PL.

Thanks for stopping by.


Sarah said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I love that you showed the actual pages. I was wondering how other people used their stickers. :)

Kelly Smith said...

Love this!

I have decided that unless I win one of the few PL kits being given away that I will just have to scrapbook it as a layout. I can't justify $50+ on it, when I have a ton of paper I can use to make my own. So wish me luck on the give-aways! LOL

Susan said...

Banu, I LOVE your layouts!!! I love the days of the week on the photos. Does that come with the kit? Or did you do it on the computer? I have last year's version that I am doing, but it's not a picture a day, I'm using various ones throughout the week.

I loved taking a peek into your life like this. I look forward to seeing more. :)

Sheila said...

How great, Banu! I am printing every couple of weeks as well.

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

Looking great :)

Chris said...

loved seeing your PL! thanks for sharing it. it looks fabulous!!